Announcing your inclusive practices in an inclusive manner

In this video currently making its rounds on the Internet, the Wimpy burger chain announced their new Braille menu with hand-crafted sesame seed Braille hamburger buns. While the step to create an inclusive restaurant experience is commendable, the burger chain is missing the point in this promotional campaign. By creating a video without audio narration, they have posted something that is completely inaccessible to the target audience.

This can be a lesson to any library introducing new services to the special needs community: deliver your large-scale informational campaign in a manner that can actually be received by the population proper.

One thought on “Announcing your inclusive practices in an inclusive manner

  1. It’s obvious that they missed the opportunity to really spread their message further. Sometimes an ad campaign can have added effect when their is no audio narration. It allows the viewer to narrate it in their own way. Unfortunately for the braille agencies who hosted this ad alongside Wimpy Burgers, that effect didn’t happen. I would say that the braille agencies should have been on top of this. They are the ones who shouldn’t be ignorant of the fact that the target audience of the ad can’t understand the ad. Poor planning on both parts I say.

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